More features is a application needs for muslims with features automatic adzan, prayer schedule, until aqiqah-qurban online. this application helped for muslims. free and no ads.
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Islamic Application to help your worship

Apps For Adzan Until Read Qur'an from 1 apps. Free and No ads. This apps helped for muslims with features automatic adzan, prayer schedule, read qur'an until aqiqah and qurban. all you needs just in 1 apps.


Adzan application is a visual and audio notification for prayer calls with an accurate prayer schedule based on the user's location.
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Apps Reads Quran most completed with 144 Surah includes audio and recitation. there is also a translation of the indonesian ministry of religion and latin writing. Arabic writing of the Qur'an is adjusted to the standards of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion.
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Accurate prayer schedule application based on your coordinates. It would appear the call to prayer in audio and visual as a reminder to pray.
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Qibla direction application is Qibla compass (Qibla direction) which helps you know Qibla direction based on user's location.
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This Feature made easier for muslims find the nearest mosque in an unknown location, anywhere in the world to facilitate prayer in congregation at the beginning of time at the mosque.
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Hadith is used as a source of Islamic law other than the Qur'an, where the position of the hadith is the second source of law after the Qur'an. Muslimapp provides collections of hadith to facilitate users in studying the Islamic sciences.
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There is a collection of selected prayers that can be read in daily activities. Starting from waking up to going to sleep. There are also prayers for family, prayers for the power of faith, and other prayers.
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Feel the experience with us by using the first Aqiqah online service through mobile application in Indonesia. It will be easier, faster and fun through our app that made for you.
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Our service will help you feel better experience to fulfill your need for Qurban through our Qurban feature on mobile application.
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Complete your worship with our Hajj & Umrah package services, by providing better facilities and services for your worship services.
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And much more another features. install now, free and no ads.

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